(Bosa B&B Pessighette Country House)


Wine and extra-virgin olive oil

Red wine and extra-virgin olive oil are produced straight on the premises.

The secular olive trees of a variety of olives called “bosana” give an extra-virgin olive oil which has the characteristic flavour of artichoke and thistle. Overall, there are around 80 plants, so production is not high, but quality is first-rate.

Concerning the vineyard, Aldo himself replanted it some years ago, replacing the Malvasia grapes typical of the area with the Sardinian autochthon vine varieties of Carignano and Cannonauand with Sangiovese grapes. The output is a red wine of a ruby colour, full-bodied and of intense smells. Aldo, as a graduated sommelier, enjoys trying different combinations of the three grapes, always searching for new and better tastes.

"A bottle of the house red wine is always available for our guests!"


Malvasia of Bosa wine

The Malvasia of Bosa wine

The Malvasia of Bosa DOC wine is the most important and well-known wine of the area. It’s a dessert wine, more or less alcoholic and more or less sweet depending on ageing. In fact, it’s a “lively” wine, bunches are sparse and grapes are small and very sugary: thus, during the first year it tastes quite sweet but in the following years it is able to transform its sugar into alcohol, becoming “dry” and alcoholic with a taste that can remind of a Sherry wine. It is a niche production, restricted to the Bosan area, so at the moment it is mostly appreciated by local people and a few connoisseurs, but their number is rapidly growing.

The Malvasia of Bosa wine goes perfectly with the typical Sardinian almond sweets, but it is also served as an aperitif in the spumante version.

Aldo’s family has a great tradition in the Malvasia wine production and the vineyards are located in the valley, not far from Pessighette.



Homemade food!

Speaking about food, during wintertime Aldo enjoys producing salami and other cold cuts (from family’s breedings of pigs). 

The other wintertime productions include “panadas”, kind of big fried meat and vegetables ravioli from a family’s recipe, the typical Sardinian ravioli with cheese and wild chards, olives in brine or extra-virgin olive oil, jams.

We often have goat or sheep cheese, and fresh or dried ricotta cheese directly produced by shepherds.



During summertime, when weather conditions allow to eat outside, we offer to our guests the possibility of tasting local or homemade typical products, in two different options:



The tasting aperitif

It consists of a selection of homemade or local cold cuts and cheeses, accompanied by marinated vegetables and our house red wine. This aperitif is completed by a selection of typical almond sweets together with a glass of Malvasia of Bosa wine.

You can always ask for this aperitif,  but mind that we ask a one-day previous booking.

Prices: 15 euros for adults (10,00 euros for children)



The dinner

The menu is fixed and generally consists of 3 courses (starters, first or second course, dessert). House wine, coffee and local liqueurs are included in the price. We cook simple but savoury and genuine dishes, with recipes mostly taken from the traditional Sardinian cuisine, based on meat but with a particular attention towards vegetarians (… in case, please let us know before!).

"Dinner is an extraordinary convivial and highly appreciated event, because we eat all together, around a big communal table,
exchanging info and experiences

As we won’t cook everyday, if you are interested in dinner, we suggest you to inform us in advance so that we can arrange it.

Prices: from 20,00 up to 25,00 euros for adults, depending on the menu of the day  (10,00/12,50 euros for children)


Aperitif and dinner

Dinner on your own

In summertime, when it’s possible to stay outdoor, you can decide to buy your food and eat it outside in the terrace overlooking the vineyard.

We will supply you with what you may need (plates, cutlery, glasses...bottle of wine!)



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