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"B&B Pessighette Country Retreat is the perfect starting point for daily trips to discover the area,

beginning with the closest beaches or the town of Bosa"



Bosa is a pretty town with an ancient history. Just take a stroll in the old town and have a look at the refined beauty of the houses, at the hill, dominated by the Malaspina castle and animated by the coloured houses of Sa Costa. View the numerous number of churches, among which the Romanic S. Pietro Extramuros.

From an architectural point of view, notice the use of local red stone called “trachite” to adorn windows and doors.

Thanks to river Temo, the only navigable river in the whole Sardinia, Bosa was an important commercial centre in the past. The industrial buildings of Sas Conzas, where leather was dressed, remain as an evidence of that. Also the traditional handcrafts of “filet” and filigree are typical and well known.

The local inhabitants don’t miss a chance to celebrate. The three most important feasts are Carnival, the Madonna del Mare’s festival (first Sunday of August) and the Regnos Altos feast (second weekend of September). But there are shows and events all summer long.




The Bosa region

The Bosa region, like indeed most parts of West Sardinia, is an area still “wild”, away from the major touristic routes and the mayhem and the luxury of VIP’s destinations.

It is a place where nature still expresses itself at its best, where smells and tastes are true and authentic. Therefore, it is not by chance that the conservation policy of its coasts has been awarded by the Legambiente with an important recognition (“5 Vele Blu”) for the past years. The griffons, an endangered species of vultures very rare in Europe, find their habitat in the territory.

This region boasts a peculiar feature in the whole Sardinia: a combination of sea, mountains and a river that makes the landscape unique and offers plenty of possibilities to spend your holidays: trekking, cycling, beach activities….


The seaside

If you are passionate of sunbathing or beach activities,  you’ll find a good choice of beaches with fine sand  or smooth surfaced, white coloured rocks.

The most important beach is that of Bosa Marina, where you have numerous facilities: bars and restaurants, rent of sunbeds and beach umbrellas, of pedalos and canoes, windsurf or kitesurf classes… Perfect for activities and for children, in August it is quite crowded.

In close proximity towards south you’ll find the wide beach of Porto Alabe, whereas driving a few km north towards Alghero you’ll meet the wonderful coves of Compultittu and Managu, both of them reachable only on foot or by sea, the suggestive area of Torre Argentina and the beautiful little beaches of S’Abba Druche area: places where a combination of sand and white rocks transform the sea colours from torquoise to emerald and provide scuba experiences you can’t really miss.

Close to river Temo's mouth, we recommend you a visit to Cane Malu, a natural pool carved by the sea into the white rock. Everything is enchanting, from the path to reach the site, walking on a moon-like rock (breathtaking at dust) to the wonderful torquoise colours of the sea.

The wilderness of the coasts, the transparency of the sea and the peculiar morphology of the rocks contribute to an environment which is quite unique, and perfect for exploring with snorkelling, scuba diving or scuba fishing.

Don’t miss a boat trip along the coast towards Alghero or on the river Temo at sunset.



Active holiday!

If you are seeking an active holiday, you can bike along more or less difficult routes, from the 45 km scenic road Bosa-Alghero to paths along the coast or the river.

Also trekking is quite interesting,  as the landscape is hilly and wild. You can decide to walk down to the sea to little coves or up in the mountains maybe in the search of griffon vultures.

Or, you can choose to spend a couple of hours riding a horse along the country paths.

Or even more, you can rent a canoe and row up the river to the Romanic church of S. Pietro or go for a discovery of the little coves along the coast, like for the example the natural swimming pool of Cane Malu.


Day trips

There are many daytrips you can make at about an hour’s driving form b&b Pessighette. Here just  some hints:

  • towards north, you’ll find the picturesque Catalan city of Alghero, where you can stroll lazily in the narrow streets full of shops of the old town or on the city walls. And Capo Caccia, with its outstanding view on the gulf and on the cliffs, where you can walk down the 700-hundred-steps stair to the caves.
  • going inland, you’ll discover the magnificence of nature, with woods, mountains and villages, like Santu Lussurgiu in the Montiferru mountains, entirely built with local stones and well known for its horses and the production of its typical knives.
  • moving south, you’ll meet the wonderful beaches of the Sinis peninsula. One outstands the others: it’s Is Arutas, with its sand covered by beads of quarz.




Cultural Routes

Starting from Bosa, pay a visit to the XII-century castle of Malaspina and the Romanic church of S.Pietro, but also to the typical “muralesof Tinnura, recently painted on the walls of the houses.

The whole region indeed is rich in archeological areas (“nuraghi”, “domus de janas”, necropolis), like nuraghe Santu Antine or the domus de janas of S.Andria Priu, in direction of Sassari, or the area of Santa Cristina towards Oristano, or the necropolis of Anghelu Ruju close to Alghero.

Furthermore, in the surroundings of Sassari you’ll meet numerous beautiful country churches, like S. Pietro di Sorres or the cathedral of Saccargia.


Typical products

Gastronomy routes

As for gastronomy, the core product is the Malvasia of Bosa DOC wine, a dessert wine produced uniquely in vineyards around Bosa. You can taste it in some bars or wine bars both in Bosa and in the neighbourhood. It’s a perfect companion to the typical Sardinian almond biscuits.

The fertile valley of river Temo host first rate plantations, from the Bosan variety olive groves to artichokes, broad beans and oranges.

The Bosan fishermans deliver everyday freshly catched fish, that’s why fish is so important in the local cousine. The most typical dish is the gattuccio or razza in azzada (dogfish or ray seasoned with a sauce of dried tomatoes and garlic). The  numerous restaurants of the town offer mostly a fish menu, perfectly prepared. But also in the old town you’ll find tiny trattorias and restaurants which combine the top quality of the food with the magical atmosphere of the medieval small squares and alleys or of the river Temo.

Speaking about fish, we have to mention aragosta alla catalana (lobster a la catalana), the most famous dish from the tradition of Alghero and bottarga, that is the egg of the mullet, a fish breeded in the salty lakes of Cabras, that once is pressed and dried can be cut into slices and served with vegetables or grated on pasta dishes.

For a meat-based menu, you’ll have to drive some km inland, where you find a wide choice of agritourisms. Ask for the suckling pig, that’s the most well-known Sardinian dish of meat!



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